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Serenity Guinea Pig Rescue

Serenity Guinea Pig Rescue is a small, volunteer run rescue dedicated to saving and bettering the lives of in need guinea pigs and other small animals. They opened in November 2017. The owner of SGPR, Sarah Jervis takes care of several the rescues herself and works with many amazing foster homes to help as many animals as possible.

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M&M Exotic Pet and Avian Rescue/Sanctuary

M & M Exotic Pet and Avian Rescue is a family run rescue located in Hamilton, Ontario. They take in unwanted, neglected, disabled and behavioural birds and can take in other exotic animals as well. They work with them and nurse them back to health so that they can find their forever homes.

You can find them on Facebook here.

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Animals we foster for them.

Please email M&M to ask for an adoption application.